Sunday, 21 January 2018


I can hardly believe it’s been a week since I last blogged. I have lots to say but sadly, no time to say it.

Back at the beginning of January I resolved to take some time off, then I was chosen as feature artist at Daily Paintworks. The time I’ve spent co-ordinating that, has eaten into my limited blogging time. I would have liked to produce some new work for such a prominant position in their marketing, but alas no time. Above is one of this weeks DPW emails.

I also have to prepare for the upcoming Leslie Saeta challenge of 30 paintings in 30 days. Some news on that front ... I’ve decided to follow in the giant footsteps of Bob Ross and create some landscapes while watching his videos. I work mainly in acrylic and he in oil, our styles are quite different, plus I plan to tweak each one into a local scene, but nevertheless it will be fun to paint along with the master.

Kat Slomas postcard swap and the Intergenerational exhibition are looming on the horizon, so I’m feeling quite overwhelmed.

More on all this later.......


Saturday, 13 January 2018

Making art anywhere

Last night I was parked in a lot waiting for a message to say the people I had dropped at the airport were on their way. I had decided not to brave the road three times if their plane couldn’t take off due to the storms. That’s what it’s like living in the north in the winter, at the whim of weather: Life takes on a slower more flexible pace.

While I was waiting, I listened to a very interesting talk on indigenous people, did some shopping, wrote many messages, then used my trusty iPad to capture the scene. How lucky we are to have access to technology. Old masters had to sit on their horse or buggy in the elements to sketch, with only watercolors to add color. I can just snap images to inspire and I take plenty of advantage to do so.

Hard to see here, but the background was an amazing midnight blue against the white snow. Stunning! Will give this a go when I get back into the studio.


Tulips always make me think of spring and with all the snow we’ve had, I sure need a breath of spring. These are offset in a soft white mat to give a modern twist. I am featuring them today at Daily Paintworks as one of the artists selected this month to grace the top of the page.